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About Trade-wire

  • Introduction to Trade-Wire
    Welcome to Trade-Wire!
    Trade-Wire is a platform that connects business to business through the use of cost-effective our platform. The platform makes buyers to find relevant products and services and sellers etc.
  • Our service
    Every B2B company all of the world can be listed in the Trade-Wire Database. A basic listing is free which ensures the comprehensive nature of Trade-Wire and means to date we hold information on 2.5 million B2B companies.
    Online our information is presented in comprehensive company profiles which include contact details, product and service information, names of executives, etc...
  • How it works
  • Cost of Service
    Service non member Paid membership
    Duration - 1 year (12months)
    Cost - 3,600,000 (KRW)
    Accounts - Up to 10
    Search Available. Available.
    Download * - Available.
    up to 2,000 companies
    1) Download field: Company name, Address, Item, Tel, Fax, Email, Contry, Home page, Contact person
    2) In case 6 months - 3,000,000 (KRW), Download 2,000 available.

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