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About Us

Our goal is make buyers to easy find buyer's information throughout the world

Trade-Wire provides buyer's information of more than 250 countries around the world and buyer's information is regularly updated. Users of Trade-Wire can search buyer's products by entering keywords based on country, product, and category.

Changes too many company profiles in our database are required every year because of modifications in their products, services and contact details (address, telephone, fax, and email), etc.
To keep track of these changes we are constantly working. This is followed up by telephone checks to ensure that the data is accurate.

Our DB's feature is that consist of real buyer's information. And already collected information is classified by country, product and category. This makes you to easy find DB in various ways.

Contact us Email : Support Team Phone : 82-2-476-1144 Fax : 82-2-482-0339

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